Using A Banner To Reinforce Your Brand

Banners are another effective way to disseminate your branding images and help improve brand recognition by increasing the amount of exposure that others have to your brand. But your brand recognition will not reach an optimal rate without properly designing your banner.

Understand The Message You Wish To Send

Begin by understanding the type of message you would like to send through your brand. What is the type of customer you will be targeting? What types of products are you primarily selling? What is the main benefit of your brand over others? These characteristics will help you determine how you will design your brand.

Choose A Dominant Color

Choose a dominant color that will be used in your marketing materials and use this color on your banner. Choose a hue that is different from the dominant hues used by other major brands so that customers can consistently identify this color as belonging to your company. Then, when creating the banner, make sure the banner is the right hue.

Design The Logo Carefully

The key to creating an effective logo is to keep it simplistic enough that it does not overwhelm your customers. But at the same time, your logo needs to have a distinct appearance that does not cause your customers to confuse your logo for another individual's brand. Banners that are too busy are ineffective because customers often only briefly look at a banner, especially when driving.

If you have no experience creating logos, you should consider hiring a graphic designer for this job. Graphic designers understand the color combinations and fonts that are best able to create a specific emotional effect, reinforce your brand image and grab the attention of consumers.

Don't Damage Your Brand With Your Design

Avoid including any features that might damage your brand, even if it may attract attention. For instance, sex does not always sell and the use of heavy sexuality to grab the attention of consumers may turn off some customers and may create the wrong impression for your brand. Instead, try to communicate exactly what you want to say with the banner using as few words as possible.

Quality Is Key

Make sure that the logo is of high-quality. If you design the logo yourself, make sure to print it at a high-resolution and use the CMYK format rather than the RGB. Printers need to convert RGB to CMYK and the result will be a faded or dull logo.

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