Four Ideas To Make Your Office Space More Efficient

Your office at work should be the zone for productivity, but poor design and bad office furniture can suck the work ethic out of you. If you're hoping to ramp up your working efficiency, here are some simple methods to try. 

1. Get a better desk.

The average person spends about 8.9 hours a day sitting down. Sitting for long periods of time is linked to back pain and other discomfort, but it can also contribute to lower levels of concentration as blood flow slows. Instead, consider replacing a sitting desk with one that allows you to stand as you work. Your core muscles will thank you, and your cholesterol levels will improve. If you really miss your chair, consider getting a balance ball or tall stool to offer your standing body a break every now and then. Studies show that standing at work does increase productivity -- you'll get more done, make more calls, and finish the day with a healthier body. 

2. Bring in better light.

It's always best to work by natural light from the outdoors. If your work office has fluorescent lighting, you'll need to bring in an alternative. Consider bringing in a couple of lamps with natural light bulbs to help imitate natural light from a window. 

3. Change up the space.

If you have to work in the same area each day, try to incorporate a bit of movement into your workspace. Changing a work environment periodically can really help you get more done. Try moving your desk to face a different direction or moving your chair to the empty conference room. If you can't do much about your orientation, at least move your computer screen to a different spot on your desk every once in a while. It helps break up subconscious (and distracting) boredom.

4. Make it more natural.

Plants and fresh air give a huge boost to human creativity and feelings of well-being. Kill two birds with one stone and place an air-cleaning plant on your desk to help bring some nature to your workday. You can take things a few steps further by placing a large poster of a green landscape, using a fan to stimulate a light breeze, and by using headphones with nature sounds, like running water or birds chirping, to really help you get out of the indoor stifle-zone. 

For more ideas on improving your office space, contact a company that specializes in office furniture, such as D&R Office Works, Inc