Three Things Water Delivery Services Bypass

You are always told to drink more water, and yet tap water always tastes so..."off". You can bypass nasty tasting tap water by drinking spring water, but then you either need to run out and buy it several times a week or have it delivered. If you choose water delivery services, here are all of the other issues you can bypass by drinking delivered water.

Boil/No Drink Rules

Occasionally, some cities realize that there are dangerously high amounts of cryptosporidium and other bacteria or poisons in the water. They order a city-wide ban on drinking or using water straight from the tap until the water can be properly treated. If you need to use water for cooking or washing, the city usually orders you to boil it. Otherwise bottled water or delivered water is recommended. If you already have water delivery services you can bypass this issue completely.

Filtering Tap Water

Skip the water-filtering pitchers and the water filters you buy and attach to your tap. Skip the replacement filters you have to buy for these items too. Water delivery services can deliver a week's worth of drinkable water for what it costs to purify and filter it from your tap. If you have the storage space, you can purchase a month at a time, all delivered on the same date every month. If you stockpile some of the five-gallon jugs, you will even have fresh water for emergencies.

No Water During Sewer Flush Days

The city sewer lines are such that the city in which you dwell has to flush them at least a couple times a year. During these flush times, you cannot turn on your plumbing without risking its explosion. If you have ever turned on a faucet during a city sewer flush, you probably heard lots of rumbling in your pipes and the water explodes in short bursts through your tap. That is what is happening on a larger scale in the pipes below, and why the city warns residents of a sewer flush. Avoid these "no water due to sewer flush" days by stocking up on delivered water and getting used to using it now.

Plan Ahead

Situations like Hurricane Matthew can cause a run on bottled water at all of your local stores. However, if you plan your water delivery ahead, or order extra water prior to a hurricane's impending arrival, you can have more water than your neighbors. You are prepared because you planned ahead and scheduled your water delivery services to handle the increase in water needs