Creating A Comfortable, Convenient Laundry Room In Your Apartment Building

Adding a laundry facility to your apartment building lets you generate additional revenue while giving your tenants added convenience. Creating a welcoming, family-friendly space for tenants to do laundry can help to make your building stand out as a great place to live. Here are just a few ideas you can use to create this space.

Storage Cabinets

Your tenants may not enjoy having to carry their laundry soaps, fabric softener and other laundry essentials to the laundry room each day. You can prevent this by adding cabinetry to the laundry room your tenants can use to store their items. Place the cabinets in the space above the washers and dryers for a convenient way to access soaps as your tenants do their laundry. You can opt for kitchen-style cabinetry to create a beautiful look in the room. If you have extra space in the room, you may even want to consider wardrobe-style cabinets they can use to hang clothes until they are ready to take everything back to their apartments.

Easy Payment Options

For coin-operated laundry machines, be sure to add a change machine or two to the space. This makes it easier for your tenants to have the right money available to wash and dry their clothing. Some laundromat equipment manufacturers even have card payment systems so your tenants can prepay for their laundry on a card, which can be swiped on the washer and dryer to pay. You can also opt for smartphone-operated laundry machines that let your tenants pay with their mobile devices. Having easy payment options makes your laundry room more convenient for your tenants.

Play Spaces

If you rent to a lot of families, you'll want to make sure your laundry room is child-friendly. Adding a small play corner for little ones is a step your tenants are sure to appreciate. Place a small table and chairs on a colorful rug, and add a wall-mounted television children can use to watch cartoons. Have a few toys available as well. A pretend play laundry center is a great option, as it lets the kids pretend to help mom and dad as they do laundry.

Cozy Seating

Your tenants will likely spend quite a bit of time waiting for their laundry to be complete, so give them cozy seating options. Consider adding a few overstuffed couches and a coffee table to create a space they can comfortably wait and read a book. You can also add a coffee maker and a refrigerator filled with bottled water for a thoughtful finishing touch.

Your building's laundry room can be a cozy place for your tenants to wash and dry their clothes. Use these ideas, and add a few creative touches of your own, to give your tenants a place they can enjoy doing their laundry. For more information about laundry equipment, talk with supply companies like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc..