A Learning Management System Might Be Critical To Your Business Expansion Plans

Do you own or operate a scalable business? Perhaps you already have multiple locations. You may also have employees who work in different settings. For example, some of your employees may work remotely and others may engage in business activities at your locations. Some businesses with expansion plans or multiple locations find it challenging to ensure that all of their employees receive the same level of training. Others find the costs associated with training employees in different locations expensive. The following are a few ways that a learning management system could benefit you if your organization has encountered this issue. 

Ensure flexible training options.

If you are opening up new locations, you are likely going to be hiring some individuals who reside in the area where the new business will open. Some of these people may not be available to come to your headquarters or train onsite at a location that is already open. For example, you may have a single parent who is the best candidate for the job but has limited availability to travel and train. Having a learning management system in place would allow you to hire the applicant you have identified as having the potential to be an asset to the company. You could ensure that the learning system is available to trainees 24/7 to take at their own pace. Another option would be to have the material available and hold virtual training classes, which will allow Q/A sessions. It also possible to combine onsite and virtual training sessions in real-time. This benefits locals and those who live further away. 

Changes in policies available to the masses in shorter time frames. 

Sometimes companies undergo changes, and it can be challenging to get everyone onboard and aware of the changes at the same time. This is sometimes due to different locations being hundreds of miles apart or even overseas. Companies must then set deadlines for all locations to be compliant. If you opt for a learning management system, changes can be made and be available to everyone who can access the system in a reasonable amount of time. For example, your employee handbook may contain information that is obsolete, or you may also have new rules that you want to add. Also, think of the travel time, lodging, printing materials and other expenses associated with trying to travel to different locations and manually deliver this pertinent information.

Deploy training in a variety of formats to ensure engagement and fun. 

Your employees likely will not tell you if the existing training is boring. A representative for a learning management system can identify ways to make your current training more interesting. For example, they might incorporate more visual aids in the training. They might also be able to use gamification to keep trainees focused and engaged.