Labels: Use Them for More Than Your Business Postage Needs

If you own a business, you likely use labels in your day-to-day operations. Many businesses only use labels for postage. There are so many other excellent ways to make use of them. The following are a few ways that you might be overlooking.

Use labels as stickers.

The adhesive backing of labels makes them versatile for other uses, such as as stickers. You can create stickers that represent your brand. For example, you could get your business slogan or mascot printed on labels. It is possible to have both on the same label. You could also have flexible options when it comes to the shape of the stickers. For example, you do not have to adhere to traditional shapes such as oval, rectangle, or square. You can opt to have the stickers custom cut to the design you choose. Stickers can be placed on boxes, placed on correspondence, or given away to customers who have children. 

Use them to garner attention.

You can use bright labels to draw attention to things around your business. For example, your employees might continually forget that certain supplies are reserved for a specific use. Perhaps using those supplies callously is costing your business extra capital, or you may have found that the supplies are depleted when they are truly needed. The use of bright labels can serve as a reminder to employees what the supplies should be used for. If there are other things such as dates to reorder, these can also be made apparent through the strategic use of labels. 

Create an organized document system.

If your business has not gone fully digital, you likely have documents or paperwork that has to be filled out by hand. Some employees may make mistakes when it comes to selecting the correct documents. This can cause a number of issues. For example, it can cause delays, which may impact customer satisfaction or interfere with employee pay. Storing blank documents in a specific area and labeling what each one is and how they should be used can aid in preventing business mistakes. You can further enhance the area with a bright label at the bottom of each stack of documents advising employees it is time to print more and not use alternate forms in the interim. 

A label-making company is a good resource to use to identify more ways your business could use labels. They can consult with you to determine problems that occur in day-to-day operations and help you discover how labels can help reduce those problems. Visit sites like to find a label-maker in your area.