Tips For Preparing To Store Your Boat For Winter

Now that the summer boating season has come to an end, it is important that you properly prepare your boat for winter storage. Correctly preparing your boat for its time in storage is essential to protect it and make sure it will work great again in the spring. To this end, follow these tips to ready your boat for storage over the winter season:

Tip: Drain the Fluids and Jack Your Boat Up

When your boat is out of the water for the winter, it is essential that you drain out fluids such as antifreeze and water from the bilge. To ensure that all of the water comes out of the bilge area, you should place your boat on blocks and jack up its front area. Jacking up the front will allow all of the bilge's water to drain out. You also need to add a stabilizer chemical to the gasoline in your boat's tank so that it does not separate and ruin your motor when you fire up the motor next spring.

Tip: Completely Wash and Wax Your Boat

Since salt water and algae can be damaging to the paint on your boat, you need to wash your boat well before you place it into storage. Wash the entire boat with soap and water, dry it, and then apply a layer of high-quality marine wax to its paint. Also, before you place the boat into storage, go through all of the cabinets and the interior lockers and remove any items that do not need to be stored on the boat. Don't forget to go through the refrigerator locker and remove any food or drinks so that they do not spoil while the boat is being stored. The last thing you want to greet you in the spring is a nasty smell from rotted food that you forgot was in the refrigerator.

Tip: Arrange for a Suitable Storage Space for Your Boat

Finally, it is important that you have a safe place to store your boat while it is out of the water for the winter season. If you have a large garage or patio space at your home that you can use, then those are good options. However, most people are not able to store their boats at home and require a storage space. If you want to store your boat inside, then a storage unit is a good option. If you live in a mild climate, then you can always tarp the boat and store it on an outdoor storage lot to save some money. For more information on your boat storage options, contact a company like Home Port Self Storage.