Keeping Your Vinyl Loose-Leaf Binders In Great Condition

If you just purchased several loose-leaf binders through a place like The Binderworks, Inc to hold documentation, you will most likely want to keep their structures intact for as long as possible. The way you handle and store these handy tools will make an impact on the rate of deterioration they endure. To keep your binders in the best of condition, try some of the following tips.

Store Binders In An Upright Position

When storing binders, it is best to place them on a book shelf or in a locker in an upright position. If you place a binder on a flat surface and then place other materials such as heavy books or folders full of paperwork on top of them, the binders risk being bent from the added weight. Placing binders so their spine faces outwards when storing will allow you to grab the one needed without toppling the rest of a stack of materials in the process. When placing a binder upright for storage, it is best to put items of the same height to either side of it. This stability on either side will help keep it from bending as a result.

Consider Covering Binders To Avoid Wear

Vinyl binders are prone to ripping and becoming dirty if they are utilized often. To help alleviate these signs of wear, consider adding covers to each binder you use. This can be done with pieces of paper grocery bags, wrapping paper, or even newsprint. Your binder will remain intact for a bit longer and you will have the added bonus of a decorative surface that you can change out whenever you wish. Avoid using fabric book covers as these are made with a stretchy material that could bend the covers of the binders with use. 

Place Inserts In Binders To Help Stop Bending

If you plan on storing binders for an extended time period, it may be beneficial to place an insert inside of each one to help keep their covers from bending over time. Find a book in the same dimensions as a binder, open the binder up to the first piece of paperwork inserted, and place the book on top of it. Close the binder to keep the book enclosed inside. The entire unit can now be placed on a book shelf or spine-up inside of a cardboard box for safe-keeping. The cover sides will remain straight as the book inside will be a guide in their positioning.