3 Common Maintenance Practices That Will Ensure Your Air Compressor Lasts For Many Years

An air compressor is an essential piece of equipment for many trades. It is also something that many people plug in or start and forget about. The lack of maintenance to your compressor will eventually lead to failure. You need to do maintenance like replace bad fittings, check oil, and address air leaks. If you want to get the most life out of any compressor, here are some of the things you will want to do:

1. Oil Is Important Even If Your Compressor Has An Oil-Free Label

Oil is important in a compressor. Many models are labeled as oil-free, which means you do not have to constantly add oil. This does not mean that they do not have oil or grease in them. When the oil gets too low, most compressors will automatically shut off to prevent damage. There should be a top by the cylinder of the piston to check the oil. Before each use, check to make sure your compressor is topped off and not low on oil. If you have a gasoline compressor, you will also want to check the oil in the motor before starting it.

2. Keep Valves And Fittings Handy To Change Them When They Go Bad

Compressors have many valves and fittings that control air flow and pressure. These are parts that are under constant pressure, and therefore, they will eventually wear out. When these parts go bad, you will want to change them to ensure your compressor is working correctly. The basic fittings of your compressor are an important accessory that you will want to have in your toolbox for quick repairs.

3. Always Address Air Leaks To Avoid Wear To Your Compressor And Pneumatic Tools

In addition to fittings, there are also a lot of connections that can eventually leak. Air leaks can cause problems with your compressor, as well as tools not working correctly. You will have problems with pressure and the compressor may run constantly, causing more wear. Sometimes, it may only be a small leak that can be repaired by removing the fitting and adding new tape to seal the threads. Repairing the leaks can help prevent problems with equipment and unnecessary wear on your compressor.

These are some of the things that you can do to keep up with the maintenance of your compressor. Since there are both gasoline and electric motors on compressors, the maintenance for these parts can sometimes be a little different. You can contact a commercial compressor service to help with repairs, maintenance, and parts for the maintenance needs of your air compressor.