3 Questions To Ask That Will Help You Find The Right Bookkeeping Service For Your Business

Finding the right bookkeeping service for your business is vital to helping your business grow and succeed. Bookkeeping services aren't all the same, and there's not any one service that's perfect for every business. Here are three questions you can ask bookkeeping services to help you find the one that's perfectly suited for your business.

How Much Will You Charge?

This question will help you make sure you don't hire a bookkeeping service that costs more than your business can afford, but that's not all the question does. Asking for a price up front gives you a glimpse of how much a bookkeeping service customizes their services to their client's needs.

A service that provides several standard packages or that simply quotes an hourly fee has a predetermined pricing structure that they'll fit your business into. In contrast, a service that provides a customized quote will build a bookkeeping solution around your business' particular needs. If they're willing to customize a quote for you before you hire them, they'll likely continue to provide customized service after you sign on with them.

How Many Employees Do Most of Your Clients Have?

You'll want to look for a bookkeeping service that works with businesses that are about the same size as your business. For instance, if you run a small business that only has five employees, you should look for a service that works with a lot of companies that have just a few employees. Conversely, if your business has over 100 employees, you should seek out a service that works with large companies that have hundreds of employees.

A bookkeeping service that works with businesses that are the same size as yours will already be familiar with many of your business' needs and concerns. They'll know what resources a business of your company's size has and what it needs help with.

Do You Have Other Clients in the Same Industry?

Similarly, you should seek out a bookkeeper that also works with businesses in the same industry as your company's. They'll be familiar with many of the nuances of your company's line of work, and they'll be able to complete your company's books more efficiently because they know what's typical for the industry.

Some business owners hesitate to hire a bookkeeping service that works with other companies in the same industry, because they might work with a business' competition. Bookkeeping services, however, don't share details about their clients with other clients. They're professional businesses and respect their clients' privacy.

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