How To Protect Yourself When Bail Bond You Signed Is Going Bad

Signing on a bail bond for a friend or a family member is taking a gamble. If the person does not keep up with the terms of the bond, they can be placed in jail or you will have to pay the bond. Typically bail bonds companies require those that they grant bail bonds for to attend all of their court dates and to check in with the bail bond company on a regular schedule. If you see that your friend or family member is not behaving appropriately and might forfeit the bond, here are three ways to protect yourself. 

Find out all you can about their life

Without making any accusations, find out everything you can about the person on bail's life. Ask them if they got a new job, how things were going at home, and how their relationship is. Also, inquire if they are hanging out with anyone or hitting up new places. Asking these items in a conversation may seem benign to your friend but it will give you a good idea on where the bail bondsman can find them if they come looking. 

Ask to get off of the bond

As a cosigner, you can get off of the bond by asking the person to find a new cosigner or asking the bail bond to take the person to jail. If you are on friendly terms with your loved on and believe that they can get back on track, tell them that you would rather get off the bond for personal reasons. Reasons such as needing to get a background check for a new position may work. If you know that your loved one is planning to skip out on the bond, you can call the bail bond company privately and let them know of the new development. This will protect your finances and legal reputation. 

Let them stay with you

If you trust your loved one not to do or own anything illegal in your home and they are headed near the end of the bond, letting them stay with you can help you out. If they are staying with you, you can remind them or even take them to their final court dates. You can also talk to the bail bond company along wit them to make sure that the bond remains in good standing. Once they are released from bail, you will have nothing to worry about and they may be grateful to you for having helped them at a difficult point in their life. 

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