Work With Your Employees To Keep Your Commercial Auto Insurance Lower

As a business owner, keeping your operating costs as low as possible is a critical part of financial success. A focus on keeping your commercial vehicle rates as low as possible can aid in accomplishing this goal. Ensuring your employees are practicing safe driving techniques can lead you in the right direction.

Create Guidelines

It's not enough to simply tell your team that you expect them to operate behind the wheel with safety in mind. It's best to create a guideline that outlines your specific requirements. This guideline should include everything from defensive driving to being mindful as to where they park the company vehicle. The more specific you are, the more closely you can ensure they align with your goals.

Set Realistic Timelines

Employees work aggressively to abide by the timeline you establish. It's important that you set realistic timelines. This is especially important when it comes to scheduling service appointments. For example, if you schedule appointments for technicians so closely that they are forced to drive fast in order to stay on schedule, you're only increasing the likelihood of them getting a speeding violation or an accident, both of which can cause a premium hike. Schedule appointments in a manner that you aren't placing any significant time restrains on your team.

Perform Vehicle Inspections

Make certain you are staying on top of all the vehicle's maintenance needs. Distracted and aggressive driving can lead to an accident, but a vehicle that isn't roadworthy due to a lack of maintenance is equally problematic. For instance, failing to replace tires as necessary can limit breaking power and reduce the level of control the driver has over the vehicle. Always inspect your fleet of vehicles and stay on top of maintenance to avoid a mishap.

Install GPS Monitoring

Install GPS monitoring devices in the vehicles to help lower insurance premiums. Many of these systems can be activated with speed monitoring which alerts you whenever the speed of the vehicle exceeds a specific limit. A driver who is more inclined to drive within the speed limit combined with the fact that that GPS monitoring systems make it easier to locate a vehicle in the event of theft lower the risk factor of the vehicle and can in turn lower its insurance rate.

Make sure you are creating an environment in which safe driving isn't only expected, but also achievable. Work hard to accomplish these goals.