3 Tips For Cooking With Coffee

Many people enjoy brewing a cup of coffee to enjoy as they wake up in the morning. While coffee is traditionally associated with times when a boost of energy is needed, this versatile liquid can be used in a variety of dishes.

Here are three tips that you can try if you are looking for some simple ways to incorporate coffee into your cooking.

1. Use coffee as a rub for grilled meats.

Most coffees are characterized by bold and strong flavors. While you might not think that the bold taste of coffee would pair well with meat dishes, you may be surprised to discover that the flavor of the meat blends well with the coffee taste.

If you are planning to grill some pork or chicken, then adding some coffee grounds to your dry rub can be an excellent way to incorporate more coffee into your cooking.

2. Add some coffee to your cookies or cakes.

Any baked item that has a chocolate base can benefit from the addition of some coffee. The taste of coffee balances well with the taste of chocolate, and the coffee can even enhance the chocolate flavor of your cookies or cakes to make them more delectable.

Just be sure that you are adding fresh-brewed coffee to your baked goods to avoid any stale flavoring, and ensure that the coffee has cooled to room temperature so that it doesn't cook the eggs or curdle the milk you may be using in your recipe.

3. Use coffee like a spice.

Spices are used to punctuate a dish and add unique flavor to the items you cook each day. When you start to view coffee as a spice, the possibilities of cooking with your morning brew become endless. Coffee can be added to enhance the flavor of your marinades, dressings, and soups.

The depth and richness added by the coffee will leave your dinner guests wondering how you achieved the elegant tastes presented on their plates. Just be sure to use your coffee in moderation when spicing a dish to avoid having the coffee flavor overpower the other flavors as you cook.

Finding simple ways to incorporate coffee into your meals can be fun. Try using coffee grounds as a dry rub for grilled meats, enhancing the chocolate flavor of your cookies and cakes by incorporating brewed coffee into the batter, and spicing your soups and marinades with coffee in the future.