4 Types Of Gymnastic Mats You Can Purchase For Your Gym

If your school intends to provide basic gymnastic classes for the students, you are going to need to invest in some gymnastic mats. Here is a basic rundown of the four most common types of gymnastic mats that you may need to purchase to get your new gymnastic classes going at your school.

#1 Beam Pads

If your school plans on teaching students how to use a balance beam, you'll need to invest in some beam pads. These types of pads are designed to fit around a balance beam and are located directly under the beam and extend outward from it. Whenever a student loses their balance or jumps off the balance beam, this will give them a soft place to land.

#2 Blocks

Block mats are generally used for the purpose of teaching your students how to use the balance beam or the vault. A vault is a higher level of gymnastic skills. These types of mats are generally really firm and solid. Students are able to use them as stepping-stones to get up onto the beam or vault. These types of mats usually have Velcro on them so that they can stick to your other mats.

#3 Folding Mats

The most common types of mats used for teaching gymnastics are folding mats. These mats generally open up to reveal three or four panels or can be folded together to create a thick mat. These types of mats usually have Velcro on them so that multiple panels can be connected together in order to create a large mat.

Folding mats are supportive and firm, but they are also lightweight enough to move around and manipulate into different configurations. These mats are great for general tumbling classes and can also be used for other classes as well, such as martial arts and wrestling.

#4 Crash Mats

Crash mats are very thick, tall, and soft. They are designed for beginners who are just learning a new skill and need a little support. You will most likely only need a couple of these mats to support students when they are learning a new skill. These mats tend to be bigger than folding mats.

Evaluate the purpose of your program, what you want to teach, and how you want your program to grow before purchasing gymnastic mats for your schools new gymnastic programs. You will probably need to start out with folding mats and crash mats, and you can add blocks and beam pads as you increase the offerings of your program. For more information, contact local professionals like Billboard Tarps.