Printer Types for Your Company Office

Are you an office manager? Do you need to figure out how your company is going to have things printed out? No matter what size your company is, you'll eventually need to turn a digital file into a physical item. This may be a report of some kind, a series of reports, or even a product that your customer should be buying. Whether this is a one-time job or something that needs to be handled every day or every week, there are different advantages and disadvantages to the print methods you might be using. Some of these include:

Inkjet printer: When looking at various printer models, inkjet printers are often the ones with the lowest initial cost. Unfortunately, the ink for this type of printer can be expensive, depending on the exact model that you have, so the per-page cost for printing out various items can be rather high. If your office does decide to get one or more inkjet printers, it may help to look for a printer where each color is its own separate cartridge. Then, instead of having to throw out a cartridge that still has plenty of yellow and magenta left inside, you can simply replace the empty blue cartridge. Less wasted ink translates into a lower over-all cost for printed items.

Laser printer: Laser printers are quick, easily spitting out stacks of reports in very short order. But unless you absolutely need to print out a lot of color documents on a regular basis, the investment cost for buying a color laser printer may not be worth it to your business's bottom line. It may, in fact, be cheaper for your company to have multiple black and white laser printers for most daily use and a color inkjet printer for the occasional color report page. 

Print shop: If you need to print out promotional material to impress a client or to attract new clients, a print shop may be the way to go. These printers won't be restricted to simply printing on ordinary sheets of paper. They can print you out promotional banners or poster-sized items. They can also help with lamination or the binding together of multi-page promotional material. Instead of printing out brochures and risking having them look like an amateur effort, a print shop can help you with every aspect of these items so that potential customers will be impressed by what they see.